Make an appointment

Getting started with MIT Health is as easy as making an appointment.

You don’t need to select an MIT Health primary care provider (PCP) before making an appointment. You don’t need a referral. No long-term commitment is required. You can directly book a visit to most services at MIT Health, and you can schedule most appointments online.

Who’s eligible?

You can receive healthcare services at MIT Health if you are:

  • an MIT student
  • an MIT employee with an MIT-sponsored health plan
  • a family member covered by an MIT-sponsored health plan
  • an MIT retiree or retiree spouse.

You can make appointments directly with many MIT Health services. Online scheduling is available to all MIT students, all employees  with an MIT-sponsored health plan, and all other patients who have had at least one previous visit at MIT Health.

Schedule online

Use your computer or mobile device to browse available appointment times and schedule your visit with: 

You can also use online scheduling for mammogram screenings and laboratory services ordered by an MIT Health clinician. 
Note: Dental appointments must be made through MIT Dental by dialing 617-253-4481, option 6.

Schedule by phone or patient portal

You can schedule appointments by phone or request an appointment through our secure patient portal. Call 617-253-4481, or go online to request an appointment on HealthELife.

Appointments with the Dental Service, Student Mental Health & Counseling, Allergy, and Dermatology must be made by phone.