Language Services and Accessibility

We want our services to be accessible to every member of our community. We can provide:

Interpreter services

MIT Health can provide interpreter services in more than 150 spoken languages and American Sign Language (ASL) for office visits or phone calls.

  • For a regular, weekday appointment: Use our online form to request an interpreter in advance. The interpreter will be ready to begin when you arrive. You can also ask for an interpreter when you check in or at any time during your appointment.
  • For an Urgent Care visit: Just ask for an interpreter at the desk when you check in.
  • For a phone call: When you call, just say, “I need an interpreter,” and tell us the language you need. We will put you on hold while we add an interpreter to the call.

Assistive listening devices

Assistive listening devices (small, personal sound amplifiers) are available in every MIT Health service. Just ask at the front desk when you check in.

Document translation

We can translate any of our medical documents or any written communication from your provider into your language. If you have medical forms in another language, we can have them translated into English, so your provider can read them. Just ask your provider or the front-desk staff for help.

MIT Health Interpreter and Translation Services (PDF)