Make an appointment

If you have an MIT Health Plan, you can make healthcare appointments at MIT Health.  

Types of appointments

You can make different kinds of appointments at MIT Health: 

  • Primary Care appointments: These are the most common appointments you will make. You should make an appointment in Primary Care if you have a health problem that is not an emergency — like a bad cough or a minor injury — or when you need a routine physical exam. You can make an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP) or you can make an appointment with another provider if your PCP is not available. Read more about Primary Care appointments. 

  • Other appointments: You can also make other types of appointments at MIT Health. For example, you might make an appointment at the Travel Health Clinic to get special vaccines and medications before traveling to another country. You can get an eye exam in the Optometry & Ophthalmology Service or get help from Sports Medicine and Orthopedics if you sprain or break a wrist, have a sports injury, or are having other problems with your joints, muscles, or bones. For birth control, pregnancy care, and other women’s health services, MIT Health has an Obstetrics and Gynecology Service 

How to make your first appointment

If you are not a student, and you have never received care at MIT Health, call 617-253-4481 to make your first appointment. When you call, explain why you need the appointment. If you are sick or hurt, you will get an appointment very soon. If you just need a routine physical exam, you might have to wait several weeks or even a month.   

If you are seeing your PCP for the first time, you will need to fill out a medical history form

Making appointments online

If you are a student, or if you have already had at least one appointment at MIT Health, your name and other information will be in our system, and you can schedule an appointment online. You can use our online scheduling system for many different services, including Primary Care and Pediatrics, Travel Clinic, Optometry & Ophthalmology Service, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. 

You can also request an appointment through MIT Health’s online patient portal, HealthELife. However, the portal does not show appointment availability or allow self-scheduling. If you request an appointment using the portal, MIT Health will schedule the appointment for you. 

Note: Dental appointments must be made through MIT Dental by dialing 617-253-4481, option 6. 

Using an interpreter for appointments or phone calls

If English is not your first language, our interpreter service can help you communicate clearly with your healthcare provider during appointments, or when you call MIT Health to make an appointment.  

If you have scheduled an appointment, you can use the online form to request an interpreter in advance. The interpreter will be available by iPad video or phone when you arrive. You can also ask for an interpreter when you arrive or at any time during your appointment. 

Interpreters are also available for phone calls. When you call, just say, “I need an interpreter,” and tell us the language you need. We will put you on hold while we add an interpreter to the call.