When you are sick or injured

When you or your child needs to be treated or evaluated for an illness or injury, we will see you promptly. 

Our daily schedules always include open time for patients who need to be seen that day. We will schedule your same-day appointments with an available clinician. 

If you or your child is sick or injured…

During regular office hours (8:00 a.m.–5 p.m., weekdays): You can speak with a Primary Care triage nurse by calling the service at 617-258-9355 (Cambridge Adult Primary Care), 617-253-1505 (Cambridge Pediatric Primary Care) or 781-981-7080 (Lexington) or by calling your PCP’s office directly. Describe the symptoms in detail, so we can give you advice about what to do next. 

If the illness or injury is something you can treat at home, we’ll give you advice over the telephone. If you need to be seen at MIT Health, we’ll schedule you to see a clinician promptly, either in Primary Care or in the Urgent Care Service at MIT Health/Cambridge. If it’s an emergency, we’ll direct you to an appropriate hospital emergency room. 

When you come in for a “sick visit,” bring a list of the medications you or your child has taken. Be sure to note dosages and times.

Overnight, weekends, and holidays: Call our 24-hour help line at 617-253-4481 to speak to a triage nurse. Describe your symptoms in detail, so the nurse can give you advice about what to do next. At least one Primary Care clinician, including one who can treat infants and young children, is always on call — 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Tips for treating common childhood illnesses and injuries

You can treat or monitor many of your child’s illnesses or injuries at home. See the links below, from the American Academy of Pediatrics parent website, healthychild.org. We’re always available if you still have questions or concerns: call us in Cambridge (617-253-1505, weekdays) or Lexington (781-981-7080, weekdays) for advice or to make an appointment.

Poison Control Hotline (24 hours a day): 800-222-1222