MIT Health: Just a few clicks away

Making an appointment, requesting a prescription refill, getting lab results, or asking your provider a quick question — all things that used to require at least one phone call if not multiple rounds of telephone tag. Not anymore. 

At MIT Health, these tasks can most often be accomplished at your convenience with a laptop or mobile device.

Schedule your appointment online 

Online appointment scheduling is available for every employee with an MIT-sponsored health plan; covered family members can schedule appointments online after their first visit to MIT Health. Use your desktop computer, phone, or other mobile device to browse available appointments and book a convenient time with the provider of your choice.
To schedule an appointment, just click the “Schedule an appointment” button on the MIT Health website or from the webpage of the service you want to schedule:

You can also use online scheduling for mammogram screenings and laboratory services ordered by your MIT Health clinician. If you become a regular MIT Health patient, we’ll send you text or email reminders with links to schedule appointments for necessary health screenings or tests.

You can even complete most of the appointment check-in process online. Before any appointment, we’ll send you links to fill out necessary health history forms or update insurance information, all of which makes for a quick and painless check-in on the day of your visit.

Sign up for our patient portal

Even if you haven’t yet decided to choose a PCP at MIT Health, it’s a good idea to sign up for our patient portal, HealthELife. With HealthELife, you’ll have a way to see the results of any lab work you have done at MIT Health, view your prescriptions, request refills, and communicate securely with any providers you see — you can even attach photos to your messages. You can also use HealthELife to look up your vital signs, view your immunization history, and read clinician notes on your visit(s). 

You can self-enroll in HealthELife using the email address we have on file for you — most likely your address. If you run into problems with the online self-enrollment process, you can call technical support at 877-621–8014 or sign up in person. Just stop by the Cambridge or Lexington care centers and ask any member of our front desk staff to sign you up. The staff member will ask you a few identifying questions, and then send you an email with instructions for activating your account.