Choose a PCP at MIT Health

If you have an MIT Health plan, you can choose a primary care provider (PCP) at MIT Health.  

What is a PCP?

Your MIT Health PCP will be your personal clinician. You will see your PCP for most of your care In some countries, PCPs are called “generalists,” because they can handle most of your healthcare needs. 

Your PCP can perform routine physical exams, discuss your health concerns, answer your questions, arrange the lab tests or screening procedures you need, and write prescriptions for medications. PCPs can also help you manage chronic conditions, like diabetes, high blood pressure, or acid reflux. If you have a more complicated health problem, your PCP can recommend that you visit a specialist. 

Your PCP may be a doctor or a nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed a master’s degree. They have also passed a licensing exam that allows them to perform as a PCP. They can diagnose illnesses or injuries, order laboratory tests, develop treatment plans, and write prescriptions. Many nurse practitioners at MIT Health have additional certifications in medical specialty areas or have other special skills in areas such as nutrition and women’s health. 

How do I choose a PCP?

You can choose PCPs for every member of your family who will be getting care at MIT Health. First, take a look at all the MIT Health PCPs who are accepting new patients. If you see a provider who seems like a good fit, make an appointment. Once you decide that you want that clinician to be your PCP, just tell any patient care representative at MIT Health to include that choice on your record.   

Sign up for HealthELife

HealthELife is an online patient portal you can use to send messages to your PCP, order prescription refills, request appointments, see your lab results, and more. When you come to MIT Health for the first time, ask anyone at any desk to help you sign up.