When your student needs care right away

Sometimes your student will need care right away—maybe they are feeling sick or have an injury that isn’t life-threatening. MIT Health has services to help.

  • Urgent Care: Our Urgent Care Service is on the first floor of the Campus Care Center, and is open from 8 a.m.–8 p.m., M–F and 10 a.m.– 4 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays. Your student can call Urgent Care at 617-253-1311, walk in and wait for an available clinician, or use the webform to reserve a spot in line.

  • Same-day appointments with clinicians in Primary Care: We reserve same-day appointments for patients who are sick or hurt and need to be seen urgently. To make a same-day appointment, your student can call 617-253-4481 and describe their symptoms to a triage nurse. If your student needs to be seen right away, the nurse will schedule a same-day appointment. 

  • 24-hour help line: When it’s after hours, your student can call our 24-hour help line at 617-253-4481 to speak to a triage nurse. The nurse will give your student advice about what to do next.

  • Student-run ambulance service: MIT has a student-run ambulance service staffed by fully trained EMTs. The MIT ambulance can transport students who are too sick to get to MIT Health on their own (or who are having trouble walking due to an injury). The ambulance can also provide hospital transport. To summon the ambulance, call 617-253-1212 (or x100 from a campus phone). Since MIT EMS operates only one ambulance, the service may not always be available to respond, and another ambulance company may respond to a call. Learn more about MIT EMS.

    If your student is transported, treated, or evaluated by an ambulance company other than MIT EMS, the cost will depend on your student’s insurance.