International Travel and Insurance

International SOS

MIT employees are covered by International SOS (ISOS) for emergency assistance while traveling abroad, even for non-work-related trips. Students are covered by ISOS only while participating in MIT-sponsored trips, but may purchase coverage from ISOS for personal travel. Prior to departure, students and MIT employees traveling abroad should register with ISOS.

For additional information about ISOS or to obtain a membership card, visit the MIT Insurance Office website or call the office at 617-324-5031. For other questions about MIT travel policies and coverage, visit the MIT Travel Office website. Whitehead and Draper employees should contact their human resources departments regarding travel coverage.

ISOS is a medical assistance company, not an insurance company. MIT’s ISOS Program does not cover medical expenses. For information about health insurance coverage in the case of a medical emergency while traveling, look at your health plan. Whatever your coverage, do not hesitate to seek medical care if you become ill while traveling.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core

If you are traveling abroad and are covered by one of the MIT insurance plans, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core is there for you. With this program, you can identify doctors and hospitals across the globe that are contracted with Blue Cross to provide care for patients. If you have your Blue Cross card with you, the doctor or hospital will be able to bill Blue Cross directly for services. A list of participating doctors and hospitals is available on the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core website.

Please note that the MIT insurance plans offer emergency care only while traveling overseas.