Exercise & Fitness

Exercise benefits go beyond strong bones and muscles. Exercise can also increase your energy, boost your mood, and lower stress. 

Check out our fitness classes, our annual getfit fitness challenge, and more. 

Community Wellness classes

We offer a wide range of classes for all members of the MIT community and all levels of experience. Designed to fit into your busy schedule and help improve the quality of your life, classes are offered in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that fosters an environment of social support. Groups are kept small, enabling instructors to offer personal attention to each student. 


As the new year begins, form a team of five to eight friends, colleagues, and family members, and join the annual, 12-week getfit challenge. Meet weekly exercise goals, and qualify for prize drawings. Better yet, make lasting lifestyle changes; nearly three-quarters of getfit participants tell us that they continue exercising even after the challenge has ended.

Step Your Way

Step Your Way is a 6-week challenge that takes place every fall. The goal of the challenge is to help participants increase their daily physical activity. This challenge provides platforms where participants can see their progress, get support, share encouragement, and celebrate achievements. For more information, including a list of free, step-counting apps for your smartphone, visit getfit.mit.edu/steps.

Fitness reimbursement

Certain Community Wellness classes may be eligible for the fitness reimbursement or the weight-loss reimbursement available to members of employee-offered MIT health plans. To find out if a particular class qualifies, call the member services number on the back of your Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance card. 

Additionally, members of MIT-sponsored employee health plans may receive an annual $150 reimbursement per family for qualified health club membership fees. Membership at most health clubs that have a variety of cardiovascular and strength training exercise equipment qualifies you for this benefit. Get the details and download the reimbursement form.

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